Dove: Women’s Shampoo

Make sure you turn on the subtitles before you watch this ad, unless you speak Portuguese that is. And prepare yourself for an utterly absurd commercial. This guy washed his hair with women’s shampoo and the strangest thing happened.”

by Ogilvy & Mather

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Anti-Defamation League: Imagine

Imagine a world without hate, imagine in this world certain people didn’t die because of that hate. All of these imaginations are beautifully illustrated in this commercial.”

by Publicis

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TEDx: Ideas Change This World

Cool idea from Ogilvy & Mather, Argentina. The print ads show the heads of Martin Luther King, Evita and John Lennon, together with what they achieved. The slogan from TEDx “Ideas can change this world” is added to the ad as slogan.”

by Ogilvy & Mather

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Somersby: Apple Cider

Cool spoof commercial on Apple from Somersby Cider. The brand used the set up from the Apple stores and copied it into a Somersby feeling. Some of the computer jargon works surprisingly well for drinking but the tagline in the is the best. “Somersby Cider, less apps, more apples“.”

by Fold7

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Google: Nose

A lot of companies do bad april 1st jokes every year. But this year, Google got it spot on with their april fools spoof. Introducing Google Nose, a wink to the Google Glass. Especially the smell of success is a great one!”

by Unknown

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Berrge Tattoo: QR-Code

Tattoo artists have to have a very steady hand. In order to apply for a job at the Berrge tattoo studio they had to prove this by filling in the QR code very carefully. Once they completed the QR code they could scan it and apply for the job online.”


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Fruit Shop: Fatty & Skinny

"Lose the fat. You’ll live longer."

by Wunderman

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Panera Bread Company: Live Consciously

This awesome Rube Goldberg machine explains the philosophy of Panamera Bread company. It’s a nice idea to convey a more serious message in a fun and entertaining way. Enjoy.”

by Cramer-Krasselt

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FiftyFifty: Frozen Cinema

Cool stunt performed in a German theater. They turned down the airconditioning and put blankets on people seats. When the movie was about to start, some homeless people told that 8° degrees is still pretty ok to sleep. On the blankets there were QR-codes that people could scan to donate some money to keep the homeless people warm.”

by Havas

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Prime Condoms: Prison

Prime brings us maximum Security Condoms. To illustrate this, they used an analogy with a maximum security prison. Make sure you check out the details of the image.”


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